CAP Journal

The national voice of Canadian Principals and Vice Principals.

The Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) has represented the views and opinions of Principals and Vice-Principals across Canada since 1977. Their mission is to represent the professional perspectives of their members at a national level and to provide the leadership necessary to ensure quality educational opportunities for Canadian students.

National distribution: 7,000 copies

The CAP Journal is the only national magazine created specifically for school Principals and Vice-Principals in Canada. The Journal is published and distributed nationally at key times during the school year; February, May and September. The magazine is also produced in a fully interactive digital format and is available to be viewed online by all CAP members and affiliate members.

Newsstand quality design & must-read content

Published tri-annually, this magazine is designed to inform and engage CAP members, by keeping them up to date on the latest developments in elementary and secondary education in Canada.

The FlipSide is literally “the flipside” of the CAP Journal. This publication is designed specifically for teachers, giving them a voice and platform to share and discuss concerns and experiences with their peers.

Between the covers of both titles are pages of engaging and resourceful information tailored to the reader’s professional needs. Acting as a communication and resource tool, these publications keep the readers abreast of what is current within their profession on the national level.

Maximum value exposure

CAP members are instrumental in the purchasing decisions made for their respective schools. The CAP Journal reaches key decision makers in Canada’s multi-billion dollar education market. This is a great way to showcase your company’s products and services to this vital and stable market.

Environmentally conscious

The CAP Journal is published using state of the art environmentally sound printing processes and is printed on Forestry Stewardship Council recycled certified paper.