Crossing Borders

Guidance counsellors act as the hub of information for those making the transition from Canadian high schools to US post-secondary institutions.

Crossing Borders is a publication that provides specific information to Canadian guidance counsellors assisting students as they navigate their way through the application process.

National Distribution: 3,600

Crossing Borders magazine is an informative resource publication produced in collaboration with EducationUSA (Canada). It is distributed at key times throughout the academic year as a supplement within the well-respected, Canadian School Counsellor magazine. In addition to its direct mail print circulation to over 3600 high school counsellors, the magazine is also by EducationUSA (Canada) at various recruitment fairs and expos capturing the attention of students and influencers alike throughout the recruitment season.

Canadian high school graduates are keenly interested in pursuing higher education in the United States because of the superb quality of it’s institutions, and the diversity of options available to them. The information contained within Crossing Borders publication will provide vital information to Canadian high school guidance counsellors about the specifics involved in applying to and attending college in the United States.

Editorial Content

Experts with views and advice from the organizations that are most knowledgable and experienced in guiding high school students through the US post secondary education system provide the editorial content for Crossing Borders. Each issue will highlight the distinct opportunities and options available to Canadian students that are considering studies in the United States and provide up-to-date information about the requirements to do so.